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Project Stages:
Inventory of Existing Conditions
An initial task of the study was to obtain a clear picture of the corridor as it exists today. That entailed an inventory of current roadway facilities, a study of traffic conditions and an overview of the environment and existing and planned-land uses.

Projecting Future Corridor Needs
The information obtained in the inventory phase was combined with traffic counts in a computer model that projected necessary future roadway improvements.
Developing and Analyzing Alternatives
Once a comprehensive picture of the future corridor needs was developed, alternatives for the configuration of the roadway were generated. These alternatives were analyzed, presented in public forums and narrowed the most feasible and appropriate alternative.

In this task, concepts and cost estimates were developed for the recommended alternative. Recommendations were also developed for interim improvements.

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Houghton Road Corridor Study Final Report
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Houghton Road Corridor Study Final Plans
Click here to view the Houghton Road Corridor Study Final Plans.

Houghton Road Corridor Phasing Plan
Click here to view the Houghton Road Corridor Phasing Plan.

Houghton Road Corridor Fact Sheet
Click here to view the Houghton Road Corridor Fact Sheet.

Public Participation
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Frequently Asked Questions
We hope that the specific sections of this Web site will answer most of the questions the public has about the study. Below is a list of some frequently asked questions.

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