Purpose of the Study
Over the past few years, development in the area along Houghton Road, particularly south of Golf Links Road, has accelerated, generating concerns about traffic congestion. As density increases in the area, the need to plan future roadway improvements also increases. The purpose of the Houghton Road Corridor Study is to develop a long-range transportation plan that area planners, residents and jurisdictions agree will meet the traffic needs of the roadway for the future.

Description of the Study
The study team headed by AMEC Infrastructure Division and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) evaluated current conditions along the Houghton Road Corridor from its northern boundary at Tanque Verde Road to its southern boundary at Sahuarita Road, as well as Golf Links to Alvernon, Houghton Road and I-10.

The study team then formulated and analyzed several alternatives for future improvements to the roadway, created an access control plan and ultimately decided on one recommended corridor configuration. The final recommendations were presented at the July 2004 public meetings.


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